September 20th, 2016

Give Festive Menus a Shot with Suncream’s Ice Cream Cocktails!



To help caterers capitalise on Christmas cheer, we’ve launched a new collection of ice cream cocktail recipes which offer a new take on traditional desserts and deliver significant profit opportunities.

The ice cream cocktails – which include a contemporary Raspberry Sorbet Bellini, the Cappuccino Amaretto Mudslide, a Lemon Sorbet Mojito and the Italian-influenced Sgroppino – all feature our ice cream or sorbets combined with a range of wines, spirits and fresh ingredients.

“Transforming a regular ice cream dessert into a spectacular ice cream cocktail gives customers a taste of something very different, and could help caterers increase margins on them by between 250-300%,” comments Rebecca Manfredi, managing director.

“Offering something new and exciting will tempt diners to experiment with different flavours while the opportunities to upsell a premium-priced product are significant.

“Ice cream cocktails help take standard desserts to a whole new level, but they’re also great for special menus, celebrations, and of course Christmas!  Caterers could quite comfortably add these to their menus at a premium price point.”

Download the cocktail recipes here



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