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Lower Sugar Ice Cream

Suncream’s Lower Sugar Ice Cream is the perfect treat for anyone on a reduced fat or low sugar diet. Delivering all the taste and texture of regular ice cream but containing less than 125 calories per 100g scoop, it’s also 99% fat free – making it a great accompaniment to puddings and fruit or the ideal base for healthier milkshakes and smoothies. Now available in three favourite flavours – Vanilla, Strawberry and Mint – and manufactured in a nut-free factory, it’s soya, egg, gluten and sucrose free and suitable for vegetarians. An ICA Silver medal winner in the Healthy Eating Class and available in handy 2 litre, resealable tubs, it’s a real ‘must have’ on children’s menus or wherever calories need to be counted!

Lower Sugar vanilla ice cream from Suncream Dairies



Suitable for:

  • Vegetarian diets
  • Gluten-free diets
  • Egg-free diets
  • Diabetics
  • Children’s menus
  • Reduced fat or low sugar diets

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Why Choose our Lower Sugar Ice Cream?

  • Great creamy taste and texture
  • No aftertaste which is sometimes associated with lower sugar products
  • Perfect on its own or as an accompaniment to hot puddings.  It also makes a great healthy milkshake.
  • 99% fat free’, it’s perfect for anyone who needs to follow a reduced fat diet
  • Soya, egg, sucrose and gluten free, and manufactured in a nut free factory
  • Suitable for diabetic, vegetarian and gluten-free diets
  • Fresh, eye-catching packaging, bar coded and ready for retail
  • Packed in handy 2 litre tubs but other pack sizes available for co packing
  • Perfect for foodservice sector with easy close lid
  • Used extensively in care home sector and hospitals
  • Has won diplomas in the Healthy Eating class in the Ice Cream Alliance national competitions