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Award-winning Gelato Gold is an easy scoop, delicious ice cream made to a traditional recipe with fresh cream. Available in 5 litre scooping trays with innovative and easy clean lids, which are ideal for Napoli scooping freezer cabinets, Gelato Gold is available in ten tempting flavours with an excellent choice of ripple. We can also offer a great deal on scooping Napoli freezers that customers can buy direct. There are two freezers available – a 6 pan and a 9 pan scooping option – which can be branded to suit your business. Call us on 01827 282571 for more information and prices. Click on an image for more information.

Please contact us on 01827 282571 for further details.
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Gelato Gold Ice Cream

Why Choose Gelato Gold?

If the delicious range of traditional and contemporary flavours is not enough to tempt you, there are many more reasons to choose Gelato Gold:
  • It’s made to a traditional recipe with fresh cream to produce a mouth-watering ice cream with an excellent range of ripple sauces and inclusions. It has a low overrun and is easy to scoop.
  • Our Gelato Gold Coconut Ice Cream is a Great Taste Award winner for Taste & Product Excellence.
  • Competitively priced – offering you an excellent return.
  • A tempting range of flavours and a balanced variety to fill a Napoli scooping freezer cabinet.
  • Distinctive brand packaging in black with gold hearts. A luxurious look and an attractive range of colours in freezer facings.
  • High quality moulded black tubs give a smart appearance in both wholesaler cabinets and end user scooping freezers. A perfect fit for either stainless Napoli pans or wire frames.
  • The innovative tab lids give improved ease of use for removing and repositioning lids even when in the scooping cabinet.
  • Polythene branded labelling can be thoroughly cleaned so that the lids can be re-used to protect ice cream overnight or whilst back in freezer.
  • A fantastic range of beautifully branded POS merchandise includes freezers,window clings, menu boards, outdoor signs and smart wipeable menus. All may be ordered in small volumes as required, at very competitive prices. We have several POS packages available including free freezers where appropriate, with free stock to cover the base cost of the freezer.