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Mellow Gold ice cream, the ‘original’ Italian recipe ice cream, is now available in branded 4 litre tubs in six ‘must have’ flavours – Raspberry Ripple, Chocolate, Strawberry,Vanilla, Bubblegum and Lemon.

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With less overrun than its fellow ‘Summertime’ brand but just as easy to scoop, Mellow Gold ice cream delivers an exceptionally creamy mouth feel and great taste at a reasonable price.

Mellow Gold Flavours

Suitable for:

  • Vegetarian diets
  • Gluten-free diets
  • Egg-free diets

Mellow Gold

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Why Choose Mellow Gold ice cream?

  • A traditional ice cream made to our original Italian recipe
  • Exceptionally creamy mouth feel in four favourite flavours
  • Real cocoa used in Mellow Gold Chocolate ice cream
  • A well-established product –it’s been a firm favourite with our customers for more than 40 years!
  • Lower overrun gives a higher scoop yield per tub
  • A luxury taste at great value prices
  • All natural colours
  • Available in 4 litre tubs
  • Can co-pack in different tub sizes