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Suncream also offers a range of additional products to help enhance your offering.

Our award-winning Summertime Vanilla liquid ice cream mix for soft serve machines packs an exceptionally creamy texture and flavour. Available either chilled or frozen in pale yellow or pure white colours, it delivers a higher yield than ambient mixes and is available in easy to store, 5 litre bottles with tamper-evident seals. It’s also egg-free, gluten-free and suitable for vegetarian diets.

Suncream Mousse, in Strawberry, Chocolate and Raspberry Ripple flavours, and Vanilla Ice Cream Cups, are ideal for contract business, health authorities and school caterers, and come in a larger than average 105ml cup offering a generous portion at great value.

To complete the range, we also offer a range of Choc Ices and Ice Cream Rolls with raspberry syrup and sponge.


Other products - Mousses, Ice Cream Cups, Ice Cream Rolls

Suitable for:

  • Vegetarian diets (vanilla cups only)
  • Gluten-free diets (mousse and vanilla cups only)
  • Egg-free diets (mousse and vanilla cups only)

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