March 10th, 2016

Three Exciting New Gelato Gold Flavours for 2016!

We’re proud to announce the addition of three exciting and indulgent new flavours to our Gelato Gold range of Italian-style luxury ice creams.

The new Gelato Gold Lemon Curd Meringue and Bubblegum & Marshmallow flavours deliver a touch of on-trend retro to ice cream menus and are guaranteed to brighten up your scooping cabinets! Completing the trio of newcomers is the rich and creamy Gelato Gold Clotted Cream, delicious either as a scooping ice cream or as a dessert accompaniment.


Like the rest of the Gelato Gold range, the three new flavours are made to traditional family recipes with fresh double cream and premium quality inclusions. Crisp drops of meringue add texture to the fresh taste of the Lemon Curd Meringue ice cream, while the bright colours of Bubblegum & Marshmallow are expected to particularly appeal to children!  All are made in a nut-free environment using a recipe which is suitable for vegetarians and those seeking a gluten-free product, and are available in 5 litre resealable catering tubs.

“While the new flavours are refreshing and contemporary additions to the Gelato Gold family, we’ve worked hard to ensure that they deliver the same excellent quality and value for money as the others in the range,” comments Rebecca Manfredi, managing director.

“For example, the blue colour of Bubblegum & Marshmallow is achieved through the use of Spirulina, a 100% all natural and safe micro water plant which is approved for use as a food colourant both in the UK and Europe, and unlike many marshmallow products on the market, ours are suitable for vegetarians.

“We’re confident that all three new flavours will give caterers a great opportunity to extend their ice cream menus and maximise profit potential all year round!”

For more information about Gelato Gold ice cream, or for details of your nearest distributor, please visit or call us on 01827 282571.

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